About Us

Our team is designed to meet the needs of customers in the desire to get the required business applications and their further support and improvement. Developing applications are designed to improve business performance and increase user efficiency. Our mission is to become one of the best in this field and make a great contribution to the development of software production.

Smart notifications for Jira

The application is intended to register and display various messages to the user. Message display has flexible settings by the administrator and the user himself. It is possible to send messages from other applications and using scripts using the exported API.

Users CF Extension

The application implements four custom fields, two for displaying users and two for displaying user groups. Field settings are linked to the project and can be configured in the project settings and are performed by the project administrator. Configuration is also possible using the Java and REST API.

Sub Pages Restrictions

Application for Confluence. The application is intended to extension user access rights from the current page to its subpages. This feature can be provided to the user without administrative rights.

Simple Last Comment for Jira

Custom field displaying the last comment in the issue list. A simple custom component designed to be displayed in the task list in the search bar. Displays the text, author, and date of the last comment.

Tasks for Jira

The application for performing various tasks available for implementation in jira. At the moment, two tasks are implemented: re-indexing jira and transition of issues to another status according to jql query. There is a log for tasks performed.


Your feedback is very important to us and we will be glad to hear them. Write to us in the email mailbox@edevapps.com, all your feedback and suggestions will be considered and implemented with a positive decision.

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